Ensure Your Car Is Safe to Drive

Rely on us for brake pad replacement services in Woodridge, IL

Letting the state of your braking, steering and suspension system slip can be dangerous. At first sign of trouble, come to Pinnacle Automotive at Seven Bridges for help. We offer a variety of car solutions in the Woodridge, IL area. Whether you need vehicle alignment or brake pad replacement services, we've got you covered.

Do you need to replace your brakes?

While it's fairly easy to tell if you need vehicle alignment services, figuring out if you need a brake pad replacement can be more of a struggle. We recommend letting us know if you:

  • Hear squeaking and grinding noises
  • Feel pulsations or vibrations when braking
  • Notice your car pulling to the left or right when braking


If you have an electric parking brake, don't worry. We also have the equipment to reset braking systems and service the brake pads properly. Call us today to arrange for vehicle alignment services.